Bruce's Beat 11-11-2018

(Note:  It is right to honor veterans on this day.  I hope you find ways to do so.  But I like to also remind the Church about veteran soldiers of the Cross and honor them by listening to their voices once again).

Moses Lard (1818-1880; Preacher in Kentucky and Missouri): “Tradition had accumulated upon the Bible, until its brightest pages emitted but a small dubious light; its broad truths and fine distinctions were shrouded in obscurity; its plainest precepts were set aside to make room for the ‘commandments of men,’ while by many, it was even dishonored as a ‘dead letter.’ . . . No book will ever be much read or much cherished which is not understood; . . . We have a distinct recollection of listening , for near twenty years, to the preaching of the day; and during that entire period, we heard not even one discourse calculated to teach the people how to study the Holy Scriptures.” (Quarterly, vol. 1, 8).


David Lipscomb (1831-1917; Preacher, editor of the Gospel Advocate): “For a parent to require a child to wash its face and keep the body clean, and not require it to learn and obey the Bible, is to teach it that the body is worth more than the soul, cleanliness of body is worth more than a pure heart and a clean and holy spirit. For a parent to require a child to learn spelling and reading and arithmetic, and not require it to study the Bible, is to teach it, by a forcible object lesson, that it is much more important to be qualified to live in this world than to be fitted to live in heaven. There is no evading these simple truths. The parent that so treats and impresses his child is the worst enemy that child has. He will be made to feel this when he meets that child at the judgment of God. It is better to face the question honestly now.” (Queries and Answers, 58).

david lipscomb

Marshall Keeble (1878-1968; Baptized more than 40,000 people in his ministry): “Make up your minds, the Bible is right. You can go home and fuss all night, the Bible is right. You can walk the streets and call Keeble a fool, the Bible is right. You can go home and have spasms, the Bible is right. Gentlemen, you can’t get around it, might as well come clean, the reason why people obeyed the Bible at Valdosta (Ga.) after they discovered it, is because the Bible is right.” (Biography and Sermons, 46).

m keeble 001



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