Luke Miller was a great gospel preacher who served congregations in Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. He was baptized by Marshall Keeble and trained to preach. His life was devoted to the advancement of the kingdom of Christ. He led about 10,000 souls to Christ in his lifetime and established more than 23 congregations. In one gospel meeting in Corsicana, Texas, he baptized more than 218 people. He is buried near Bradenton, Florida.

 Luke Miller

          “I can get most people to agree that Naaman was healed by dipping in the water (2 Kings 5); people were healed by a brass serpent (Numbers 21); and the blind man’s eyes were opened by spit, clay, and water (John 9). But here is where I have a time – getting somebody to agree with me that baptism is “for remission of sins.” They say there is nothing in the water. I am not concerned that there is anything in the water, but that God is able to take water and wash my sins away. I want to make this statement. There is not a man living today that can find a place in the Bible where God, Christ, or the Holy Spirit ever told a sinner to pray for a single thing and yet some preachers teach that in order for a sinner to be saved, he must go to some mourner’s bench and pray until God pardons him of his sins. If that is true, it ought to be found in the Bible, and anyone who teaches it, ought to be able to put his finger on it. This doctrine is “sharp,” my friends. Yes, it is sharp. The word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than a two-edged sword. No preacher wants to get all cut to pieces.” (Miller’s Sermons: 39).