About the title for this blog.


It is Bruce's because I am the one responsible for it.  Soneone has said, "Originality with a preacher is forgetting where you borrowed it from."  This may be true but in the end I am responsible for what you see here.


Webster has a defintion for beat that says:  "a single stroke in a series; pulsation, tick."  I aim to present a continuing series offering insights gleaned from Restoration Church History studies that speak to present situations.




There are journalists who are "beat reporters" covering a specific geographic area or set of topics.  Their experience allows for greater insight into the issues being discussed.  By their use of multiple sources, they are able to present a more comprehensive discussion of their topics.  There are "beat cops" assigned to specific urban areas whose familiarity with their communities allows for a greater understanding between sometimes antagonistic forces.  My "beat" is the Restoration Movement in the Upper Ohio Valley, with emphasis on people and events of the early 20th century.  The region was part of the cradle for the American Restoration Movement but it's history after the glory days of Campbell and Stone has rarely been investigated or shared.  This website hopes to fill the gap between the first generation of pioneers and the present regarding the Upper Ohio Valley.


Emerson is famous for his quote about individuals who may walk to the "beat of a different drummer."  I may be offbeat at times and I may beat around the bush too much for some, but maybe this blog will be of service by allowing voices of the past to enter into present day discussions.